Technology and FORWARD THINKING of SPECIFIC ENGINEERING considerations that will apply to applictions, sucessful operation & mainenance free SOLAR POWERED SIGNS... and an overide system that a simple key chain fob will overide the primary system.


We are currently in contract to engineer, fabricate, install and provide a maintenance contract for the operation of a self contained SOLAR POWERED double sided back lit sign. 

This sign is for Textbook Brookers at NW 7th and Portland.

In engineering development of this sign we have several considerations to accomodate:

To operate this sign on a operation schedule that does not have mainenance issues that cause the sign not to operate.

To operate this sign for the point of sale for the specific location intended.

This means that it works every day.

This means it works like clock work without down time.

That solar power condtions are met and work on a long term basis.

THAT IN THE instance that the function of the sign ceases, an alternative overide system can be initiated for the customer who does not and will not have to do more than simply drive by the sign with a remote keychain device that will allow them to over ride the system to initiate a secondary overide system for temporary operation until maintenance can be privided by the company that engineers and installs the system.

For that company ..   meaining my company, to sucessfully market this sign product, specific engineering requirements must be considered for the warranty period of said sign installation. 

Secondary is that the business that this sign is manufactured for will be able to expand its current and future signs criteria because our due diligence in the engineering quality of my signs that require no maintenance.  Continued operation. 

There will be certain maintenance issues required.  For example is the cleaning of the solar panels. 

Second is the checking on the system performance and certain daily operation functions that the solar input versus the electronic out put for charging and storage of the energy into the engineered solar system.

Best suited for this monitoring is a remote isolation of the primary components main controller.  There are outputs and other variables that need to be occasionaly monitored to ensure proper operation. 

I have been a neon manufacturer for over 22 years and do not like LED components and systems.  OK... I have installed 24 LED Message Display Units.  OK  .  I must adapt and use my conscious to develope the potential operation of signage for the next milenia.

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