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Stevia Extract

Product Code:57817-89-7
Main components:Steviol Glycosides
Specifications:Steviol Glycosides80~97%, RebA 40~97%

Product Description:
Stevia is a word both for a plant and for a sweetener extracted from the leaves of that plant. The plant has been grown and used in South America for centuries, and it spread to the rest of the world during the 18th century, when people first began taking the product with them to Europe in large volumes.The stevia plant is a perennial shrub native to Paraguay and Brazil. Native Americans in these regions realized that the leaves were sweet, and used them to season teas and other foods. The plant is also sometimes called sweetleaf or sugarleaf, in a reference to the natural sweetness held in the leaves. As Europeans began to explore the foods consumed by Native Americans, they were introduced to stevia.
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