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Warming Congratulations for Hunan Nutramax Inc. Getting into List of Total Value TOP 100 of Latest Three New Board Enterprise
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June 24, 2015 afternoon, Xinhua and the newboard think tank jointly organized the "2015 three new board value rankingconference." The list is the first time to present more than 2500 threenew board business value analysis of financial, prospects and other aspects.

[831319] Hunan Nutramax as a bio-pharmaceuticalindustry segments, plant extracts industry's leading enterprises, relying onthe advantages of bio-pharmaceutical industry, and a very good developmentprospects, the company steadily upward momentum honored ranked No。 31 overall。See: http: //business。sohu。com/20150624/n415565613。shtml


Company Profile

      HunanNutramax, Ltd. was established in 2008 with registered capital of 11.36 millionyuan. It focuses on plant extracts, herbal active ingredients, separatingfunctional compound from Chinese medicine, production plant extracts, research,development, sales of high-tech export-oriented enterprises. by the end of2012, it passed Hunan Province High-tech enterprise certification. We arecommitted to provide high-quality domestic and international herbal companies, healthfood factory, beverage and cosmetics manufacturers with natural plant extractsraw materials. So far, the company has successfully developed more than 240kinds of standard plant extracts, can produce as many as 900 species of plantextracts, plant extracts annual production capacity of over 800 tons. Leadingproducts are sweet tea extract, mangosteen extract, resveratrol, Huperzine A,Magnolia Bark Extract, 5-HTP, Rhodiola extract, blueberry extract, steviaextract, Epimedium extract and other plant extracts. Hunan Nutramaxsubsidiaries is 3W Botanical Extract Inc.. China is now the plant extracts IndustryStandard Drafting Unit and Plant Extract Association unit of Hunan Province.


1.Strong Strength in R & D

Hunan Nutramax Inc。 pays much attention toR & D and product quality。 It owns a Chinese classic team which acrossplant chemistry, pharmacy, biotechnology, natural medicinal chemistry andmodern instrumental analysis。 The team is composed by doctors and masters andled by Dr。 Dragon。 Nutramax also has the most advanced R & D and qualitytesting equipment in China。 Meanwhile, Nutramax has close technical cooperationwith Hunan University of Chinese Medicine, Hunan Agricultural University, HunanNatural Products Research Center, Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine andother domestic renowned research institutions of natural products industry。 Inthe production process, Nutramax formulated strict quality standard and qualitycontrol process which effectively guarantee the stability of product quality。The strong sense of quality is the key to our success。


Hunan Nutramax received 2 authorizedpatents: one is production method of Luo Han Guo Extract Mogroside V more than60%, and another one is production method of  Ligustrum lucidum ExtractOleanolic Acid not less than 98%。 All the products are registered trademark inthe name of HunanNutramax, and it isthe famous trademark in Hunan province.


2 Company Leading Strategy

   In recently years, Our company has been developing rapidly and is boundto better prosperity. We have set up a new factory in Changsha high-tech zone,including Research Department and Production Department. We have established aplanting base in Wugang city, Hunan Province. It is beneficial to implementplanting major products by our own company.

And our company has been approved some foodstandards approvals, for instance, Ginseng tablet, Luo han guo tablet, Solidtea beverage, Stevioside solid beverage, Blueberry beverage, Noni fruitbeverage, Maca solid beverage and so on, which is a significant step to developdown - stream health care products industry。

Strategic objectives: We will make effortsto develop the company from a single botanical extracts supplier becoming agroup company of upstream medicinal herbs planting and downstream health food,beverage, cosmetic production .


3 Own planting base

Hunan Nutramax Inc. has 2000 acres of sweettea planting base in Wugang Shaoyang Hunan province. At appropriate time,company will expand the sweet tea planting base area into 10000 acres, whichwill guarantee the raw material of planting base can produce 80-100tons sweettea extract each year. In addition, company is also ready to set up Luo Han Guoplanting base in Wugang city.Our Company adopts the model of cooperating withbase to product other main products, which effectively ensures product qualityand adequate supply of raw materials. The construction of the base highlightsthe dominance of the Hunan Nutramax main products.


4 Worldwide Marketing network

Our company constructed a worldwide networkof sales system, with more than 1,000 large global enterprises to establish along-term stable strategic cooperative relations, sales network radiationeconomically developed international markets, it reinforces the status of thecompany's products and brand image, strengthen customer for the company'sproducts and trust services。 Products with its excellent quality and pricecompetitive sold in Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia, more than 40 countries andregions。 The scale of production and sales ranked industry leader, is Chinabotanical industry leading enterprises。We are preparing to launch in China andthe United States at the same time the entire network of online and offlinemarketing,and really build the concept of "global plant extractssupermarket"。 The application of Internet will be faster and better topromote the company's business development。 


Our company logged in the new OTCBBsuccessfully in November 7, 2014 and started the trading in May 20 ,2015. Withthe advantage of the capital market, our company will start the M&A toaccelerate the pace of the company bigger and stronger.


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