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Nutramax 831319:Leader of Plant extracts industry
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HunanNutramax Inc. is a High-tech export-oriented enterprise established in 2008with registered capital of 11.36million yuan,which integrates production, research,development and sales , focusing on botanical extracts production, Chineseherbal medicine effective component separation and Chinese Functional CompoundDevelopment. By the end of 2012, Our Company has passed Hunan ProvinceHigh-tech enterprise certification. We commit to supply High-quality rawmaterials of natural botanical extracts for herbal companies, health foodfactories, beverage and cosmetics manufacturers at home and abroad. Company hassuccessfully developed more than 240 kinds of standard botanical extracts,andhas produced as many as 900 species of botanical extracts.The total annualproduction capacity of botanical extracts is more 800 tons. The main productsinclude resveratrol extract, sweet tea extract, Luo Han Guo extract, Magnolia extract,Eurycoma extract, 5-HTP extract, Rhodiola rosea extract, cranberries extract,Stevioside extract, Epimedium extract and so on. The production technology andquality standards reach the advanced level of industry. Nutramax subsidiaries:Hunan 3W Botanical Extract Inc. Is awarded as Chinese biological extractindustry-standard drafting unit and Hunan Botanical Extract Association Unit.


Botanicalextract is a new high-tech product combined with modern pharmaceuticaltechnology. In recent years, botanical extract has been a new variety ofChinese medicine to occupy the International market with higher degree ofprocessing and higher tech. With the recent "return to nature","green consumption" have become the international fashion, naturalplants medicine in western developed countries has been the ideal choice formodern health care, which also creates a huge natural herbal products market.

Chinais a country with abundant plant resources, boasting the world's largest plantresources with low labor costs, low cost of environmental governance , having alarge number of technical staffs. All of these can form industry clusters. Atthe meantime,the support from National Bio pharmaceutical industry is alsoincreasing.

Botanicalextract is embracing a rare opportunity because world production is shifted,China is becoming a "world factory". Acceptance of our nation’sproducts is increasing. Some of our products have obvious advantages. What’smore ,consumer’s attitudes are changing, more and more people prefer to use"natural "rather than" synthetic "products.The growing ofstates health industry products and the progress of biotechnology develop newuses for old products.


  Competitive advantages

R& D strength

Companyfocus on product development and quality, owning a Chinese first-class teamcomposed of Masters and Doctors across phytochemistry,  Chinese Materia Medica, biotechnology,Natural Pharmaceutical Chemistry, modern instrumental analysis, having the mostadvanced research development and quality testing equipment in domesticbotanical extract industry. Company keeps close technical cooperation with manydomestic renowned research institutions of natural products industry, includingHunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Hunan AgriculturalUniversity, Hunan Natural Products Research Center, Guangzhou University ofChinese Medicine and so on. In the production process, we develop a strictquality standards and quality control process, which effectively ensure thestability of product quality. We believe that strong sense of quality is thekey to the success of the company.

Thecompany has obtained two invention patents:1,A production method of the contentof Mogroside V more than 60% of Luo Han Guo extract .

2,Aproduction method of extracted from fructus ligustri lucidi content not lessthan 98% of oleanolic acid. The company's products are all in the name of the"Nutramax" as a trademark registration, having become a famoustrademark in Hunan province.

Leadingcompany strategy

Ourcompany continues to expand in recent years, setting up a new factory inChangsha high-tech zone, which is the base of Nutramax scientific research andproduction, developing the botanical extract industry steadily. Our companyalso has established Wugang plant resources cultivation base,carrying outagricultural planting actively, achieving to grow our own materials of keyproducts. What’s more, our company has obtained food standards approval ofginseng tablets, Mangosteen piece, solid drink tea, stevia solid beverage,blueberry drinks, noni fruit drink, Maca solid drinks and so an, which isconducive to develop the downstream health food industry.

Strategicobjectives:1To achieve annual sales revenue over 200 million yuan within fiveyears, annual profitability more than 20 million yuan. 2 We will make effortsto upgrade the company from a single botanical extracts supplier to becomeupper medicinal herbs planting and downstream health food, beverage, cosmeticproduction group of Companies.

Ownplanting base

HunanNutramax Inc. has 135 hectares of sweet tea planting base in Wugang ShaoyangHunan province. At appropriate time, company will start the cooperation mode ofFarmer+Base+Company, expanding the sweet tea planting base area into 670hectares, which will guarantee the raw material of planting base can produce80-100tons sweet tea extract. In addition, company is also ready to set up LuoHan Guo planting base in Wugang. Company adopts the model of cooperating withbase to product other main products, which effectively ensures product qualityand adequate supply of raw materials. The construction of the base highlightsthe dominance of the Nutramax main products.

Comprehensivemarketing network

Ourcompany has constructed a worldwide network of sales system, establishing along-term stable strategic cooperative relation with more than 1,000 largeglobal enterprises. Sales network deepens into economically developedinternational markets, which reinforces the status of the company's productsand brand image, strengthening customer's trust in company's products and services.Our products aresold into more than 40 countries and regions with excellent quality andcompetitive price, including Europe,Japan, Southeast Asia. Production and salescale ranks leading position all the time, having been the leading enterpriseof China's botanical extract industry. At the same time,we are preparing tolaunch the entire network of online and offline marketing in China and theUnited States, Truly creating the concept of "global botanical extractssupermarket". The application of the Internet will be faster and better topromote the company's business development.

HunanNutramax Inc。has been listed into “New Three Board”enterprise on November17th,2014。 With the advantage of the capital market, the company will startMergers & Acquisitions to accelerate the development of the company。

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